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Curious, no nonsense and with warmth I follow you in your quest for personal power. Because there is nothing more beautiful then watching someone working with pleasure, relaxed and with great success, on a place which really fits. That’s what I do with Kat Consult, on many different areas.  Kat Consult is an international company and also provides all information in English.

Talent development, personal coaching, career counseling, designing leadership programs and leadership development. Just a few of the (international) services that Kat Consult can offer.

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The optimal match between people and organisation. That’s how you are able to bring your organisation and your people to a higher level. With our services, we ensure that the right people are in the right place and that they do what they are good in and what they like. On an organisational level but also focused on the individual. We make sure that your organisation gets the most out of its people. Or more personally said: that you are doing work that really suits you.

Are you doing something that you really like and that you are really good at? Are you currently challenged enough at your job? Are you curious to know how you can be more effective in your work? Kat Consult makes sure that all these questions are answered with a yes. Growing in your work, developing talents where they are, that’s what we believe in. Because you grow the most in areas where your talent lies. We  don’t necessarily believe in developing all sorts of competencies, a jack-of-ALL-trades doesn’t really exist. Have you ever tried to understand the cosine and tangent in math? And after several hours of studying you only scored a 5? And when it came to an oral English exam, you aced it in one go without studying at all? On the job floor, it’s no different. We discover what you are good in, the work that will earn you an 8 or higher. And also the environment in which you can score that 8. In search of the optimal match between you as an individual and the organisation in which you can perform best. Read the personal coaching stories

Are you looking for the optimal match between colleague and organisation? Kat Consult can offer support in the following areas:

  • Develop and implement appropriate Management Development programs
  • Determine the training and development issues for your staff in a clear and practical training’s plan
  • (Individual) training advice
  • As Partner in Business define the business requirements into appropriate HR(D) policy
  • Develop training policy and implementation thereof

Read more about the experiences of previous clients and projects

Hands-on coaching/training for professionals. Kat Consult presents, in co-operation with Training020 ‘Coach with Results!’: an intensive, hands-on coaching/training for professionals who want to develop their coaching skills. The first group ‘Coach with Results´ starts November 2012 and consists of 22 sessions. The course is structured around the 8 competency areas as defined by the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches NOBCO. With a balanced program of theory, practice and reflection, participants are trained in five months according to the accreditation requirements of the NOBCO. ´Coach with Results!´ ends with an exam.

The course is designed for professionals who want to develop their coaching skills. For people with coaching duties, for people who work as an internal coach, or for people who are considering establishing themselves as an (independent) external coach. The course is also suitable for coaches who just want to refine (further) their coaching skills.

In order to participate in the course, a minimum of 10 years work experience is required.

‘Coach with Results!´ is offered through Training020 and the course is run by Anne de Jong and Nicolette Kat. These two senior trainers/coaches have extensive experience in the corporate world and they’ve made hundreds of hours in their own coaching practices. Anne de Jong and Nicolette Kat describe themselves as down-to-earth, practical and enthusiastic.


The method is characterized as very practical with a solid theoretical foundation. It’s especially a lot of hands-on practice through the principle “learning by trying”, peer feedback, supervision, viewing and recording material with a final exam (theory and practice). Once completing the course, each participant will have followed four coaching courses, in which two coaches will be provided by Training020.

Practical information

The course starts in November 2012 and lasts a period of five months. During the week the course will take place in Amsterdam at Pand020 at the Westergasfabriekterrein. At the weekend, the course will take place at an external location with overnight accommodations.